Boule, Maison Fausse Fourrure , BOULE.

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Boule, Maison Fausse Fourrure , BOULE. Hot water boule in eco fur.
LA MAISON DE LA FAUSSE FOURRURE AN AREA OF SOFTNESS IN PARIS The mere mention of the word fake used to make the elegant Parisian women shiver with disdain. As a sign of the times, Fake fur is forcing its way into the world of fashion and creation, in particular thanks to the world of softness created by « La Maison de la Fausse Fourrure ». This area located at a hundred metres from « La place des Vosges »., in the continuation of the street « La rue des Francs-bourgeois » has put forward the originality of its creations and the attractive range of its collection since december 1994. REAL OR FAKE ? Even though the main objective of « La Maison de la Fausse Fourrure » is not to imitate the coat of a animal as near as « pile\’s breadth » in particular, we could easily let ourselves be misled by the resemblance to fox or mink. These creations do also cover a wide range of fabrics which perfectly match the original texture, colour and pattern. Neither real or fake, the collections of « La Maison de la Fausse Fourrure » are making every possible endeavour to enhance the image of the material wich is as silky and soft as one could wich, this enables the clothes-designers to widen their sphere of creativity indefinitely, by using a material that reminds us of the reassuring softness of our childhood cuddly toys. VARIETY & ORIGINALITY « La maison de la fausse fourrure » intends to give this material character by widening its potential in terms of use particulary. Therefore, coats, hats, gloves and an entires collection of accessories are now offer, as well as whole range of creations intended for interior decoration, from plaids to cushions, footstools to armchairs, anything to furnish your home in a totally modern style. THE WOVEN FAKE FUR : A TOKEN OF QUALITY For its collections, « LA MAISON DE LA FAUSSE FOURRURE » only use \woven\ fake fur fabrics which have a lot of advantages : solidity, lightness, softness, warmth, and cleaning facilities.

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