About Us

Owo italia was founded in 1998 with the object of using the Internet as a major sales channel through the web site www.owo.it

In our catalogue, you will find a selection of companies that have contributed to the success of the made in Italy all over the world. Each company was selected on the basis of the technology used in the manufacture of their products, and on the style and uniqueness of their products. Then, we also added a number of international leading companies. At the same time, we also developed a collection specially reserved for our users in co-operation with some leading companies,

Each product selected by owo.it is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, plus owo.it guarantees your money back if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase (applicable within 30 days of delivery.

Owo is a registered trademark of owo italia srl; other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Owo Italia srl
Via G.Marconi 30
50031 Firenze (FI)
Cap. Soc. € 26.000,00
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REA FI 688351

Phone +39 055 0106534
E-mail: info@owo.it