123dl-alessi Glasses, Alessi, GLASSES 123DL, Harri Koskinen
“123dl” is a set of three Glasses intended for all sorts of purposes: drinking / toasting, measuring/ cooking, stacking/storing.   . Alessi

Harri Koskinen

alessi-op Tray Alessi, TRAY OP, Jasper Morrison, 2009.   . Alessi

Jasper Morrison

seletti-hybrid-dessert Dinner service, Seletti, HYBRID DESSERT  PLATE, CTRLZAK.  . Seletti


seletti-hybrid-deep Dinner service, Seletti, HYBRID DEEP PLATE, CTRLZAK.  . Seletti


dordoni-zest Cutlery set,, Knindustrie, POSATE ZEST, Rodolfo Dordoni, 2012.  . Knindustrie

Rodolfo Dordoni

cutlery-dem Cutlery, Knibdustrie, CUTLERY DEM.  . Knindustrie

Massimo Castagna

the-white-snow-agadir-bowl Bowls, Driade, THE WHITE SNOW AGADIR Bowls, Antonia Astori with Paola Novone, 1997.. Driade

Antonia AstoriPaola Navone

hybrid-flat-plate Dinner service, Seletti, HYBRID FLAT PLATE, CTRLZAK.  . Seletti


mami-table-fork-alessi Table fork, Alessi, MAMI, Stefano Giovannoni, 2002.  . Alessi

Stefano Giovannoni

mami-flat-plate Flat plate, Alessi, MAMI PIATTO PIANO SG63/1, Stefano Giovannoni, 2004.  . Alessi

Stefano Giovannoni

bacchus-pitcher-driade Pitcher, DriadeKosmo, BACCHUS JUS, Vittorio Chigiotti, 2008.. Driade

Giuseppe Chigiotti

bacchus-decanter-driade Decanter, DriadeKosmo, BACCHUS DECANTER, Vittorio Chigiotti, 2008.. Driade

Giuseppe Chigiotti

alessi-pescher-trivet Trivet, Alessi, PESCHER, D0 Urbino & lomazzi, 2003
Extensible trivet in stainless steel mirror polished.  . Alessi

Donato D'UrbinoPaolo Lomazzi

alessi-tray-110 Tray, Alessi, 110/35, Ufficio Tecnico Alessi, 1976.  . Alessi

Alessi Tech Dept

driadekosmo-duemani-cutlery Cutlery service, Driadekosmo, DUEMANI CUTLERY, Alfredo Haberli, 2006.. Driade

Alfredo Haberli

magis-cappuccino-tray Tray, Magis, CAPPUICCINO, Galli and Perico.  . Magis

Galli and Perico