Style:¬†Characteristics or elements combined and expressed in a particular (often unique) and consistent manner. Derived from ‘stilus,’ the Latin word for a sharp instrument for making relatively permanent marks on clay or wax writing tablets.
For Owo, Style is the design collection dedicated to people where Style reflects their personality.


magis-amleto-ironing-board Folding ironing board, Magis, AMLETO, Design Group Italia,1992.. Magis

Design Group Italia

magis-garcon-folding-shopping-trolley Folding shopping trolley, Magis, GARCON, Rual Barbieri, 1992.. Magis

Raul Barbieri

magis-nuovastep Folding step-ladder, Magis, NUOVASTEP, Andries e Hiroko Van Onck, 1984, Re-design: 2003.  . Magis

Andries e Hiriko Van Onck


Marc Newson

magis-mago Broom in polypropylene , Magis,
Stefano Giovannoni, 1998.  . Magis

Stefano Giovannoni

magis-me-too-el-baul Toys Container, Magis Me Too, EL BAUL, Javier Mariscal, 2005.  . Magis Me Too

Javier Mariscal

magis-me-too-nido-playhouse PlayHouse, Magis Me Too, NIDO, Javier Mariscal, 2005.  . Magis Me Too

Javier Mariscal

magis-me-too-my-house PlayHouse, Magis Me Too, MY HOUSE, Bjorn Dahlstrom, 2005
Curtain-cum-tablecloth in polyester.  . Magis Me Too

magis-me-too-puppy Toys, Magis Me Too, PUPPY ,Eero AArnio, 2005.. Magis Me Too

Eero Arnio

magis-me-too-julian Chair, Magis Me Too, JULIAN, Javier Mariscal, 2005.  . Magis Me Too

Javier Mariscal

owodesign-boule-ecofur Boule, Maison Fausse Fourrure , BOULE.  . Owo

Owo Design

a-di-alessi-merdolino Toilet brush, Alessi, MERDOLINO, Stefano Giovannoni, 1993.  . Alessi

Stefano Giovannoni

magis-pronto-valet-stand Valet stand, Magis, PRONTO, Enzo Mari, 2002.. Magis

Enzo Mari