Style:¬†Characteristics or elements combined and expressed in a particular (often unique) and consistent manner. Derived from ‘stilus,’ the Latin word for a sharp instrument for making relatively permanent marks on clay or wax writing tablets.
For Owo, Style is the design collection dedicated to people where Style reflects their personality.


millefiori-milano-frame-diffuser Fragrance diffuser, Millefiori Milano, FRAME , Michele Venisti, 2010.. Millefiori Milano

Michele Venisti

millefiori-milano-selected-fragrance-diffuser Fragrance diffuser, Millefiori Milano, SELECTED 1000 ML.. Millefiori Milano

millefiori-milano-fragrance-diffuser-500ml Fragrance, Millefiori Milano, NATURAL FRAGRANCE ML 500
Fragrance refill 500 ml Scents: Natural fragrance Millefiori Milano.. Millefiori Milano

millefiori-milano-drop-diffuser Fragrance diffuser, Millediori Milano, DROP, Stefano Giovannoni, 2010.  . Millefiori Milano

Stefano Giovannoni

magis-me-too-alma-chair Seat, Magis Me Too, ALMA CHAIR, Javier Mariscal, 2006
Stacking children's chair.  . Magis Me Too

Javier Mariscal

magis-me-too-dodo Toy, Magis Me Too, DODO, Oiva Toikka, 2007.  . Magis Me Too

Oiva Toikka

arte-e-cuoio-fagotto-watchescase Watchescase, Arte & Cuoio, FAGOTTO, Enrico Tonucci.  . Arte & Cuoio

Enrico Tonucci

arte-e-cuoio-putting-set Golf set, Arte & Cuoio, PUTTING SET, Enrico Tonucci.  . Arte & Cuoio

Enrico Tonucci

magis-metoo-villa-julia Small house, Magis MeToo, VILLA JULIA, Javier Mariscal, 2009
Material: cardboard.  . Magis Me Too

Javier Mariscal

magis-hook-steep-ledder Hook in plastic for Magis Nuova Step Ledder.  . Magis

Andries e Hiriko Van Onck

magis-amleto-spares . Magis

Design Group Italia

driadekosmo-ndebele Game house, DriadeKosmo, NDEBELE, Vittorio Locatelli, 2006.  . Driade

Vittorio Locatelli

green-lullaby-casa-per-bambole My Green Dollhouse is one of the new pay made by Green Lullaby.  . Green Lullaby


green-lullaby-culla-per-bambole The Green collection made by Green Lullaby, now includes a dollcradle.  . Green Lullaby


magis-dog-house Dog house, Magis Dog House, Michael Young, 2001.  . Magis

Michael Young

magis-pipe-dreams-watering-can Watering-can, Magis, Pipe Dreams, design Jerszy Seymour, 2000.  . Magis

Jerzsy Seymour