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driade-picapica-table Small table, Driade, PICAPICA, Kazuyo Sejima, 2000.  . Driade

Kazuyo Sejima

driade-neoz-little-table Little Table, Driade, NEOZ LITTLE TABLE, Philippe Strack, 1996.  . Driade

Philippe Starck

driade-lybra Table, Driade Aleph, LYBRA, Elliot Litmann, 1997.  . Driade

Elliot Littmann

driade-mak-serving-table Servinng table, Driade, MAK Giuseppe Chigiotti,2009.  . Driade

Giuseppe Chigiotti

bonaldo-skoop Stool, Bonaldo, SKOOP, Karim Rashid.  . Bonaldo

Karim Rashid

magis-garage Shoes Rack, Magis, GARAGE, Toshiyuki Kita, 2006. Magis

Toshiyuki Kita

sarpi-dining-table Table, Simon, SARPI, Carlo Scarpa.  . Simon Collezione

Carlo Scarpa

simon-doge-dining-table Table, Simon, DOGE, Carlo Scarpa, 1968
The very thick,flat,drawn steel,glazed finish frame is the essential part of the table:the refined elegance of the resting mechanism is made the most of by the transparent float glass
-drawn metal or aluminium feet, 70x20-50x15 cross-section -fascias same material 60x15-70x15 cross-section -connected with burnished screws in view -decorative brass inserts -brushed glazed surfaces protected with varnish Floor protection: rubber feet Top: -rectangular, in float glass -thickness 15 mm -bevelled sides with bright wire -radial corners Support on the frame: brass spacers and felt pads with damping function.  . Simon Collezione

Carlo Scarpa