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Coffee table, Pallucco, ROTA, Denis Santachiara, 2011.

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Coffee table, Pallucco, ROTA, Denis Santachiara, 2011
Rota is the new coffee table designed by Denis Santachiara that can rather surprisingly be moved on wheels that have no spokes or hub, challenging our convictions in an amusing way. Its essential structure consists of a curved thin sheet of aluminium resting on two aluminium rings. At a quick glance these hollow disks look like simple fixed supports, since they apparently have no devices for the transmission of movement that we usually associate with wheels. Nevertheless, they are wheels. A small mechanical marvel means that the table can be rotated on itself. The challenge for Denis Santachiara was to design a coffee table on wheels that doesn’t look like a table and to succeed in amazing us with domestic objects characterized by a very new original and non-convencional. Dimension: l 1500 mm x d 1000 mm.

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