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driadekosmo-adelaide-i Vase, Driade Kosmo, ADELAIDE 1, Xie Dong, 2007 Handcrafted vase in white bone china with artist's signature.  . Driade

Xie Dong

driadekosmo-wells Vases, DriadeKosmo, WELLS II, Borek Sipek, 2004
Clear glass vase.  . Driade

Borek Sipek

driadekosmo-maria-pia Vase, Diade Kosmo, Maria Pia, Borek Sipek, 2001.  . Driade

Borek Sipek

driadekosmo-argencourt Vase Driade Kosmo, Argencourt, Borek Sipek, 2000.  . Driade

Borek Sipek

driadekosmo-nuuk-7 Vases Driade Kosmo, Nuuk VII, Marta Laudani  e Marco Romanelli, 2002, 2003.  . Driade

Marco RomanelliMarta Laudani

driadekosmo-elisa Vase, Driade, ELISA.  . Driade

Borek Sipek

driadekosmo-hera Vase, Driade Kosmo, HERA Borek Sipek.  . Driade

Borek Sipek

driade-hanahana-flower-stand Flower stand, Driade, HANAHANA, Kazuyo Sejima, 2006.  . Driade

Kazuyo Sejima

driadestore-erbale Plant-holder, Driade, ErbalePlant-holder in transparent PVC plastic, equipped with four bags for plants and four bags for water.. Driade

Fabio BortolaniStefano MaffeiWalter Becchelli

herve-gambs-bottle-vase Vase, Hervè Gambs, BOTTLE, 2009.  . Herve Gambs Paris

Herve Gambs

alessi-juicy-salif-lemon-squeezer Lemon-Squeezer, Alessi, Juicy Salif, Philippe Starck, 1990.  . Alessi

Philippe Starck

alessi-pasta-pot-cooking-unit Pasta cooking unit, Alessi, PASTA SET, Patrick Jouin for Alain Ducasse, 2007.  . Alessi

Patrick Jouin

magis-eretteo Umbrella stand, Magis, ERETTEO, Enzo Mari, 2000.  . Magis

Enzo Mari

magis-goccia Umbrella stand, Magis, GOCCIA, Boccato - Gigante - Zambusi, 1983.. Magis

Boccato Gigante


Marc Newson

magis-hercules Coat hanger, Magis, HERCULES Marc Newson, 2000.  . Magis

Marc Newson