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driadekosmo-flavio Candleholder Driade Kosmo, model Flavio, design Borek Sipek, 2001.  . Driade

Borek Sipek

driadekosmo-flat-twin Candleholder Driade Kosmo, Flat Twin, design Christian Ghion, 2005.  . Driade

Christian Ghion

driadekosmo-tenochtitlan Candle-holder, Driadekosmo, TENOCHTITLAN, Vittorio Locatelli
Aluminium casting candle-holder.  . Driade

Vittorio Locatelli

driadekosmo-turner Candle Holder, Driade, TURNER, Xavier Lust, 2004.  . Driade

Xavier Lust

driadekosmo-diogene Candle-holder, Driade Kosmo, Diogene, Borek Sipek, 1997.  . Driade

Borek Sipek

driadekosmo-antonietta Candleholder, DriadeKosmo, ANTONIETTA, Borek Sipek, 2007.  . Driade

Borek Sipek

driadekosmo-together-candleholder Candle holder, Driade Kosmo, TOGETHER, Laudanie Romanelli, 2010.  . Driade

Marco RomanelliMarta Laudani

driadekosmo-simon Candle holder, Driade, SIMON, Borek Sipek.  .

Borek Sipek

pallucco-tabard-floor Coat hanger/lamp, Pallucco, TABARD FLOOR, Denis Santachiara, 2010.  . Pallucco

Denis Santachiara

driadekosmo-egeso Mirror, DriadeKosmo, EGESO, Bertocco & Locatelli, 2006.  . Driade

Bertocco e Locatelli

driadekosmo-amarillide Vase, DriadeKosmo, AMARILLIDE, Borek Sipek, 2000.  .

Borek Sipek

driadekosmo-alioscia Vase, DriadeKosmo, Alioscia, Borek Sipek, 2000.  . Driade

Borek Sipek

driadekosmo-albaret Vase, DriadeKosmo, ALBARET, Borek Sipek, 2000.  . Driade

Borek Sipek

driadekosmo-adelaide-4 Vase, Driade Kosmo, ADELAIDE 3, Xie Dong, 2007.  . Driade

Xie Dong

driadekosmo-adelaide-3 Vase, Driade Kosmo, ADELAIDE 3, Xie Dong, 2007.  . Driade

Xie Dong

driadekosmo-adelaide-2 Vase, Driade Kosmo, ADELAIDE 2, Xie Dong, 2007.  . Driade

Xie Dong