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Lemon-Squeezer, Alessi, Juicy Salif, Philippe Starck, 1990.

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Lemon-Squeezer, Alessi, Juicy Salif, Philippe Starck, 1990.
The Iconic Lemon Squeezer, in steel

Juicy Salif: the story of the lemon squeezer between art and design

Sometimes design born by chance: the object appears for the first time in the designer mind at lunch, on the subway… and the history of design changes its path.

In the case of Juicy Salif we are in Italy at the end of the 80s. Philippe Starck is on holiday and he is having lunch at a pizzeria on the Amalfi coast. He orders squid and meanwhile he’s thinking about his latest client: Alessi.

He must present a new tray to Alberto Alessi, but as soon as he realizes that he’s missing the lemon to squeeze on the squid, Juicy Salif appears in his head.

Philippe Starck sketches the image on a placemat, as Vico Magistretti had done 25 years earlier on a subway ticket with Eclisse. (source: unprogetto.com)

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