Ines floor lamp  designed by Jacopo Fogging for Edra it is a polymorphic lamp. Sinuous and slender with very long legs. It is precious, coated with “pure gold.” It has a stem that branches out like a tree, the dynamics and proportions of an inverted chandelier. The light is diffused by three small abat-jours, deliberately placed asymmetrically. The structure is of hand-painted polycarbonate. It is an artistic lamp, a sculpture.

Each lamp of Jacopo Foggini collection is a different sculpture from the others. Height, width, shape, color and distribution of matter, molded by hand, make each one precious and unique. Each lamp has its own character, stylish and individual.

“I work with light in my sculptures. I wanted to create an object that would dialogue with those beautiful sofas that characterize Edra production. I wanted an important lamp but one that could be read as a natural element, molded in my characteristic materials, but also one that would give the impression of metal. Thus it was born Ines, dedicated to one of the most important women in my life. “ Jacopo Foggini.


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