Coro Outdoor collection

Things are precious to us when they allow us to live to live better. Sophistication is simplicity, and richness is minimalism. These are different expressions of beauty. And beauty will always enrich our lives. Moments when we live life to the full, according to our own personal concept of freedom, are important to us. We want those moments to be energised, sensual, ours. Coro keeps giving form to the pleasure of living. We create things which enrich time, which accompany the changing moods of every day. Each object sounds a note in our manner of keeping to the rhythm of time, inventing music for each moment. All as part of the concert of elements resounding in tune with us. It is furniture in the real sense, which can go anywhere, inside or outside. A free interpretation of the interior/ exterior theme.

Sabal by Matteo Nunziati

Coro outdoor - Sabal Sofa

Sabal Sofa by Coro


The relationship betwen an object and its surroundings has become increasingly important in determining the quality of wath we “design” and “plan”: using a light touch ensures we creative mix of good taste and balance.
We do not simpy want to produce an item of furniture, we want to live with it.


Nest by Stefano Gallizzoli

A corner sofa, that looks like a welcoming nest where to lie down in, with some loose cushions placed on to make it even more comfortable. Satin stainless steel frame, covered by reinforced PVC nylon cord on the backrest. The sofa can be combined with a square ottoman to create a chaise longue or two seats, for creating an elegant sitting. Covers and cushions are available in a single colour or in different colours with a special dedicated fabric for outdoor use.

Cocote By Ilaria Marelli

The soft and funny Cocotte, has a two-tone covering with buttons that emphasize the playful look. Cocotte stands out for its modular flexibility and tailored details.


An object which represts the means to add a further personal perspective of the philosophy of life, the research into materials and shapes, to guide towards an ever – increasing focus on its own objective of formally linking together minimalist and creative sensitivity, in order to find the consensuss between those who wish to explore futher the highly modern trend for a dialogue between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Zeta by James Irvine

Togetherness is a pleasure that is found in the pleasure of others. The art of making a shared moment cherishable is nothing if not highly personal. One thing is sure: in the masterful combination of elements that create an informal ambiance, objects are paramount: they need to be appropriate, discreet and pleasant props that adapt to the context.This is why we wanted to make ZETA, a line that embodies an absolutely original idea for fold-and-stow furniture. Chairs and tables that are amazingly easy to set up and put away. You see, order and disorder are made up of the same elements. Just differently arranged.

Pergola by Filippo Marsigli

PERGOLA enters in a new dimension creating an original corner more and more personal and comfortable. Facing borders allows us to see a larger reality than the true one, using modern structures, nests of our relax where living happy chosen targeting to the quality of materials. It is important to pay attention to small things, when furnishing fills the whole space and becomes bulkier than needed; make sure that volumes and furnishing harmonize and create a balance which keeps alive through the changes.

OBQ OPQ by Filippo Marsigli

Practical and easy sunshade, an object that makes our “outdoor room” complete by adding lightness to the surrounding elements and increasing atmosphere to our relaxing moments.

L3 by Sergio Brioschi

Comfort and well-being to improve your free time. Minimal and light design these are the qualities of this product distinguished by its rounded lines, for relaxing and playing with fantasy reading a book. The sensory emotions of the colours, textiles and forms is an interplay of objects that harmonise to combine ever more inextricably outdoors with indoors (and vice versa) the desire to stop, rest, spend time with friends and enjoy relaxation.

Boomy by Matteo Nunziati

Boomy expresses the sophisticated pursuit of shapes, textures and colors that combine contemporary life with fine craftsmanship, to create trendy icons that represent the marriage of beauty and quality. The weave pattern, the lines, the detail, the features: everything makes it possible to create an item that illustrates its concept and that of its designer.


The shapes of the outdoor furniture design become real expressive codes of the human desire to live the dimension of relax and life in open air. The Joint Table is designed to meet every needs by reinventing and recreating itself through multiple dimensions.The stainless steel structure is joined by a special hidden juncture, which transforms our dinner for two into a joyful banquet table.

Fellini by Stefano Gallizioli

Indoors and outdoors, the plot of a movie, or the passage of the time, takes place between these two scenarios alternating scenes and situations. Each of us gives his own personal interpretation. We believe that the mobile scene of life, whether inside or outside, requires a dynamic, sensitive and, at the same time, easy-going direction.This is the reason we have given the name of Fellini to a collection which has as its main theme the revamping of the traditional director’s chair in stainless steel and which develops the seating collection further. Innovations in design, construction technique and variety of materials translate into comfort and versatility. From solid values comes “La dolce vita”.