Driade is an aesthetic lab in continuous search for beauty in living space. The vast Driade catalogue includes home, garden and public spaces furniture. Pieces of art and objects for daily use, souls that blend each other harmoniously. All this makes Driade unique in design world. The aesthetic lab is the result of the desire to introduce experimentation into mass-produced products. The search for creativity in each product constitutes the mission of the enterprise itself. Driade creates products that are unique, eclectic, eccentric but at the same time elegant, timeless and, above all, joyful. Within this alchemy of means of expression and sensations, everyone finds a Driade that it looks like him.

The art of living is based on the idea that eclecticism, blend of cultures, curiosity and surprise are the true essence of our age.

A bent for listening, a state of alert, an attention to register the signs coming from outside and then translate them into daily products.

Being permeable to differences makes Driade project one that is open to the future. Driade denies the flatness of globalization but grasps at the freshness coming from the multiplication of places and the development of ides.


driade-high-camouflage High armchair Driade, CAMOUFLAGEE, Fredrikson Stallard, 2016.   . Driade

Fredrikson Stallard

driade-flo Chair, Driade, Flo Chair, Patricia Urquiola, 2004.   . Driade

Patricia Urquiola

driade-easel Dining table, Driade, TABLE EASEL, Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, 2016.   . Driade

Ludovica+Roberto Palomba

pencil-holder-portable-atelier Pen Holder, Moleskine by Driade, LOW PENHOLDERPORTABLE ATELIER, Philippe Nigro, 2016.   . Driade

Philippe Nigro

moleskine-portable-atelier-shelf Shelf, Moleskine by Driade, PORTABLE ATELIER SHELF, Philippe Nigro, 2016.   . Driade

Philippe Nigro

portable-atelier-shelf Desk shelf, Moleskine by Driade, PORTABLE ATELIER SHELF, Philippe Nigro, 2016.   . Driade

Philippe Nigro

stool-moleskine-portable-atelier Stool, Moleskine by Driade, STOOL PORTABLE ATELIER, Philippe Nigro, 2016.   . Driade

Philippe Nigro

driade-desk-portable-atelier Writing desk, Moleskine by Driade, PORTABLE ATELIER, Philippe Nigro, 2016.   . Driade

Philippe Nigro

driade-italic-lace Placemat, Driade, ITALIC LACE, Maurizio Galante, Tal Laneman.   . Driade

Maurizio GalanteTal Laneman

driade-root Vase, Driade, Root Vase, Giorgio Bonaguro, 2015.   . Driade

Giorgio Bonaguro

driade-porta-nuova Tray, Driade, 100 PIAZZE PORTA NUOVA, Fabio Novenbre, 2015.   . Driade

Fabio Novembre

driade-blocco Pouf, Driade, BLOCCO, Namva Vigo, 2015.   . Driade

Nanda Vigo

driade-basalt-lowtable Low Table, Driade, LOW TABLE  BASALT, Fredrikson Stallard, 2015,
Structure in drawn steel with polished gold finish.   . Driade

Fredrikson Stallard

driade-ercole-e-afrodite Box sistem e.   . Driade


driade-evelyn Floor lamp, Driade, LAMPADA EVELYN, David Chipperfield, 2015.   . Driade

David Chipperfield

driade-oyster Low table, Driade, OYSTER, Marco Zanuso Jr, 2015.   . Driade

Marco Zanuso Jr