April in Milan: the show

It is called the Show but could also be called the OutShow or the (Out)Outshow.

An endless chain of events from Tuesday to Monday, that will involve corporate show-rooms and designers with their areas and the most unusual spaces.

Two trends: luxury and designer ‘cheap’ (absolutely in plastics).

Worth mentioning:

The peak of the Show was the presentation of the new Alessi bathroom line in one of the most beautiful areas of Milan: Stefano Giovannoni’s new study (Giovannoni designed the entire collection);

DaDriade, a space fitted out by Yoshioka Tokujin with a collection of interior and exterior furniture by Starck and Tokujjin

Superstudio Più: the 360-degree collection by Cappellini (the most exciting and interactive area), Zoltan with Ingo Maurer’s first-time pieces and Vico Magistetti’s out-of-collection designs.

DePadova: the new trend; “granny”’s armchairs and sofas by Vico Magistretti

Antidiva: in the charming area of Serre Ingegnoli, an outcrop of new soft-technology pieces by Antidiva.

owo.it’s staff unanimously acknowledges the coolest item of the event was the lounge-chair designed by Luca Casini for Arcade (Watch this name).

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